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If you require medical assistance when we are closed, please call NHS Direct - Tel: 111

Clinics & Services

A range of everyday and specialist services
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NHS Services Available

We provide a wide range of NHS services, from everyday treatments and clinics, to many specialist areas. Where applicable, these services are provided by appointment during surgery opening hours.

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+ Management of Medical Conditions

We can help patients manage medical conditions, including:

  1. General management of medical conditions
  2. Gonadorelin Analogue treatments under Shared Care Guidelines
  3. Management of Dyspepsia in Primary Care
+ Travel Services

We understand that many of our patients enjoy travelling around the world but it can bring with it some serious risks to our health. Often by following some very simple advice you can reduce these risks and help you enjoy your holiday.

Holiday Vaccinations

The Practice offers a full range of holiday vaccinations. We ask all patients requiring vaccinations to complete the Travel Risk Assessment Form (PDF) which is available online or at any of our receptions prior to your travel appointment.

You will be asked where you will be visiting, how long for and the type of accomodation (e.g tent, hotel, etc). The Nurses will then obtain up to date information about the area and also review your medical records to see which vaccinations are required.

The Practice will need as much notice as possible, ideally six weeks and at least three weeks. Most travel vaccines take several days to become effective and some are not available on the NHS and will attract a charge. You will be informed of this in advance.

Further Reading and Travel Advice

For further information and travel advice we advise our patients to visit the NHS website travel pages.

+ Family & Maternity Services

Health Visitors

Jackie Manning & Penny Ely regularly hold well baby clinics and childhood immunisations at all our surgeries. To make an appointment please call The Old School Surgery, Kibworth 0116 279 2356 or Two Shires Surgery, Market Harborough 01858 411521. 

Our health visitors can provide you with information about both breastfeeding and bottle feeding. There is also lots of useful information about what support is available nationally and locally.  See also the infant feeding website .


Attached to our Practice are midwives who run clinics at Two Shires Surgery, Market Harborough on Tuesday 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm, and at The Old School Surgery on Wednesday 1.30 pm – 4.00 pm, and at Fleckney Surgery, Fleckney on Thursday 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm. Midwives also undertake domiciliary visits. The midwives are employed directly by Leicestershire Partnership Trust as part of the Market Harborough Community Midwifery Team and can be contacted either via one of our surgeries listed above or directly by leaving a message on 01858 438142.

Seeing children on their own

Children and young people are a diverse group with many different needs, from birth until their 18th birthday. The term “children” usually means younger children who lack the maturity and understanding to make important decisions for themselves. Older or more experienced children who can make these decisions are referred to as 'young people'. At 16 it is legally presumed that young people have the ability to make decisions about their own care. We have doctors that are available to see children and young people on their own if that is what they want. Our doctors follow the guidance provided by the General Medical Council here.

Additional Services:

  1. Pertussis vaccinations for pregnant women
  2. 24 – 72 hour Baby Checks
+ Contraception & Sexual Health Services

General Contraception

The doctors and nurses are very happy to offer advice on contraception to anyone in complete confidence. We don't hold a special clinic for contraception, just make an appointment during ordinary surgery time. You can see one of our family planning trained nurses, Sheila or Sam, or one of the doctors.

There are several other options besides "the pill" and condoms, so if these methods don't suit you please ask. Dr Shora Montgomerie fits both copper Nova T coils and the newer Mirena coils and contraceptive implants at our surgery in Market Harborough. If you are interested in these methods please talk to her.

We can also provide emergency contraception, see below.

Emergency Contraception

If you have had sex without using contraception and don't want to get pregnant, or if you have been using a condom and it has broken, we can provide the "morning after pill".

The pill we use is Levonelle one step. Although it can be used up to 72 hours after sex it is most effective if it can be taken as soon as possible. It prevents about 95% of pregnancies if taken in the first 24 hours but less than 60% of pregnancies if taken between 49 and 72 hours after sex.

You need to get medical advice as soon as possible during the day time, even at a weekend or during a bank holiday. Alternatively some pharmacists are able to dispense Levonelle one step for you, but you have to go to the pharmacist in person and they will charge a fee.
If it is more than 72 hours but less than 120 hours since sexual intercourse we can give a pill called Ulipristal. Alternatively, a coil can be fitted in some circumstances.

Family Planning Clinics

If for some reason you would rather not come to the surgery for contraceptive advice, you can go to a family planning clinic.

Family Planning Clinic (Leicester)
St Peters Health Centre, Sparke Street, Leicester LE2 0TA
Tel: 0116 295 1212

Family Planning Clinic (Market Harborough) Tuesday evenings
District Hospital, 58 Coventry Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9DD
Tel: 01858 410240


Contraceptive Coils

We have been fitting contraceptive coils at the surgery for a number years and are pleased to be able to continue doing this in the future. At present this service is offered br Dr Montgomerie. Both copper Nova T coils and the newer Mirena coils are available. For more information please make an appointment to discuss this with one of the Doctors.

Cervical Screening

Smear Tests at the Practice are now performed as Liquid Based Cytology which is a more efficient system in which the sample is taken using a small brush. Smears are usually performed by the Practice Nurse via appointments in the usual way. When patients are due a smear they will be sent a reminder by the Practice.

At present we are only able to perform smears when they are due, any sample sent for analysis before they are due will be returned without being tested. If patients especially want a smear when one isn't due this may be available via the Private Sector. Please speak to the Practice Nurse for further details regarding this.

Chlamydia and other STI's

We also provide screening and treatment for Chlamydia and other STI's. If you think you might have contracted an STI it is important to get it treated straight away.

+ Minor Surgery Procedures

Our lead in minor surgery is Dr Hogrefe who holds regular clinics at Two Shires Surgery, Market Harborough on Tuesday mornings.

We can remove moles, cysts, skin tags and other skin lesions.

It is important that the doctor sees you in a normal consultation before booking for surgery. This is to discuss the procedure required and allocate the correct amount of surgery time. This consultation can be made at any of the Practice sites. Please note we cannot provide a minor surgery service for cosmetic reasons alone

+ Vaccinations

We provide various vaccinations and immunisations including Childhood immunisations and Influenza vaccinations. Pneumococcal Immunisation is available for eligible patients (patients aged 65 years and over, or aged 64 and under in 'at risk' groups).  We also offer shingles vaccinations - check if you are eligible.

+ Tests & Checks
  1. NHS Health Checks
  2. Secondary care initiated blood tests
  3. Health Checks for people with Learning Disabilities
+ Consultations

All registered patients may request a consultation. This is available to patients over the age of 75 who have not been seen in the previous 12 months, or patients aged 16-75 who have not been seen for 3 years.If you are unable to attend the surgery for these checks because of your medical condition, a home visit may be arranged.

+ Additional/Miscellaneous Services
  1. Health promotion advice
  2. Emergency care as appropriate
  3. Urgently required care of temporary residents
  4. Alcohol Related Risk Reduction Scheme
  5. Minor Injuries
  6. Anticoagulation Service
  7. MMR catch-up vaccinations
  8. The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme for people suffering from depression and anxiety disorders.

Accountable GP

All patients registered with the Practice are registered with a named doctor, known as your accountable GP.   Although we cannot guarantee you will always be able to see your named doctor, you can book appointments with any doctor. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our team, please contact us.

Your Medical Records

All patient current medical records at the surgery are held on computer, although some older original records are in paper form.  If you would like access to these please contact us to arrange this. Please note there may be a charge for this service if you require print outs.

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